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April has been working for my clients and business for over a year. Her skills are impeccable. She takes in all the information given to her and does research and somehow turns it into a piece of art. She has done a newsletter, blogs, social media and more for us. We could not have done it without her and have seen a 20% increase in open rates and in engagement. I would, and do recommend her to all.

-Jacqui Davis, Owner, Virtually Here

While fundraising to work with a charity, I turned to April for help.  My writing went from being choppy and unfocused to clear, concise and effective.  Since asking for her help I’ve received lots of praise and an award for my writing—and the financial support has been coming in!

-Leona Leighton, Blogger, Curious in Asia

April has been a dream come true. We started working together towards the end of my book and she made some astute observations about the structure and order of chapters. Although I thought those decisions had already been made, she had ideas for simple changes and rearrangements that were obvious improvements. She always pays such close attention and keeps in mind the overarching goal.

April’s strong handle on grammar, punctuation, spelling and the mechanics of writing clearly improved the readability of my book, but the happy surprise was how her grasp of my overall intent and “voice” helped my book be more powerful and expressive.

-Nancy Salwen, Singing Coach, Owner, Music All Around, Author, Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program 

April edited my website and it improved my writing, helping me connect with my ideal clients better.  She also did a website audit and gave me suggestions about various call-to-actions to attract clients that would potentially bring in business. April ensured that my website was user friendly and the layout flowed for anyone viewing my site. I have more confidence conducting business going forward now!

-Amy Petit, Wedding & Event Planner, AJPetit Events

You’ve paid such close attention and made your suggestions with extreme focus, care and clarity. Besides catching editorial mistakes you quickly came to understand the gist of my project; you came up with tweaks and improvements that make my message more consistent.

-Nancy Salwen, Singing Coach, Owner, Music All Around

April is not only great with words, she’ll help you talk through your ideas, your audience and help you getter a fuller picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.   I’m a dreamer, so I often find my desk cluttered with ideas and no action plan.  April was able to help me sift through the papers, set up a concrete plan and walk me through the process.  Even though I was only paying her to consult about writing for an audience, she helped me to accomplish so much more.

-Leona Leighton, University Teacher, Blogger, Curious in Asia

Our store manager is also the webmaster and hasn’t had time to update our website.  April Copy was able to do a very comprehensive evaluation of our present site and suggest numerous ideas for improvement.  With her site audit in hand the webmaster was able to quickly upgrade our site, as most of the planning, ideas and thinking was already done.

-Gary Leighton, Owner, MacEdge