About April Copy—Meet Owner April Leighton, Small Biz Blogger

 About April Copy

Every day, you plan a bigger, brighter future for your business. You’ve got what it takes, and you know your ideal customer is out there waiting to hear about you. But your attention is always demanded for urgent, do-it-now tasks, pulling your focus away from what you really need to do to build your future success. Your big ideas—and the increased revenue you envision creating, sits on the back burner…

The good April Leighton, Owner, April Copynews? It is possible to run and grow your business at the same time. At April Copy, we help you channel your strengths into focused, workable content marketing plans—so you aren’t just creating another blog or newsletter—you’re leveraging the content you create to draw in customers and make more sales.

I’m April Leighton and I work with Small Business Owners to design personal content marketing strategies that fit your business like a glove—and then stay on track consistently producing that content.

It might seem impossible or extremely unlikely that you can push out of a revenue plateau by simply writing for your business—but you, the Small Biz Owner, are already uniquely equipped to go out there and kill it with content marketing.

Why? You’re an expert in your field—more importantly, you are personally invested in the outcome for your customer. In the information age, that is what makes the ultimate difference and cuts through the noise to connect, engage and convert your prospect into an enthusiastic and paying customer.

Let’s talk about growing your business with Content Marketing.